BendingBus crafts old school analog synth productions with a modern twist—think modular synthesizer, rhythm machines, vintage tubes, spring reverb, analog mixing—but made using tools from the best current analog designers (Synthesis Technology, Pendulum Audio, and Dangerous Music) along with digital controllers (Native Instruments).

Since the ideas come about when daydreaming the music tends towards downtempo, distant, melancholy, and mellow moods. To enhance this vibe, pure intonation is used (non-equal temperament) for a more consonant and relaxing tonal signature. 

BendingBus is available for original electronic music composition, sound design, post-production, and mixing. Existing recordings are available for licensing. Please use the email on this page for contact.

Thanks for looking around, and feel free to stay connected on social media. And yeah, my birth name really is Solar; I blame the 1960s for that!