Review of 7-Inch / by BendingBus

WCBN 88.3FM in Michigan...

“Pleasant downtempo instrumental pop made with old-school analog synths. Surprisingly, this doesn’t try too hard to sound retro. It’s not some sort of intentionally kitschy thing like Moog Cookbook (probably a really outdated reference but whatever, I still love their albums). It’s gently playful, but not novelty music. It’s more like an electronic lullaby than anything else, like Solvent putting his kids to bed (or somebody’s kids, I don’t know if he has kids). 

Or think Raymond Scott’s Soothing Sounds For Babies, but actually soothing rather than manic, and short and structured to fit on a 45. Or maybe this is an artifact from an alternate universe where Plone became the biggest band in the world, and this is a tour-only 7″ from their 5th world tour following their 8th consecutive #1 album. 

The dream only gets wider and deeper. The B-side is an even more mellow version of the A-side, for sweeter dreams.” 

- The Answer Is In The Beat (December 5, 2016)

And With Each Step a Wider and Deeper Dream  (7" vinyl)

And With Each Step a Wider and Deeper Dream (7" vinyl)