Hi-Fi Yeah!

YouTube Channel Launch by BendingBus

Hi-Fi Yeah! is an electronic music studio, boutique record label, and now a media company!

The channel will feature modular synthesizer music, live performances, “modular meditation” sessions, analog synthesis patching techniques, individual module explorations, vintage rhythm machine demos, and studio tech talk (topics like vintage tubes, optical compressors, and pure intonation tuning).

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Review Of 7-Inch by BendingBus

WCBN 88.3FM in Michigan...

“Pleasant downtempo instrumental pop made with old-school analog synths. Surprisingly, this doesn’t try too hard to sound retro. It’s not some sort of intentionally kitschy thing like Moog Cookbook (probably a really outdated reference but whatever, I still love their albums). It’s gently playful, but not novelty music. It’s more like an electronic lullaby than anything else, like Solvent putting his kids to bed (or somebody’s kids, I don’t know if he has kids). 

Or think Raymond Scott’s Soothing Sounds For Babies, but actually soothing rather than manic, and short and structured to fit on a 45. Or maybe this is an artifact from an alternate universe where Plone became the biggest band in the world, and this is a tour-only 7″ from their 5th world tour following their 8th consecutive #1 album. 

The dream only gets wider and deeper. The B-side is an even more mellow version of the A-side, for sweeter dreams.” 

- The Answer Is In The Beat (December 5, 2016)

And With Each Step a Wider and Deeper Dream  (7" vinyl)

And With Each Step a Wider and Deeper Dream (7" vinyl)

7" Vinyl Single by BendingBus

And with Each Step a Wider and Deeper Dream, a two song single available on 7-inch vinyl, CD singles, and digital download. The 7-inch was well received by college radio electronic music specialty shows, charting at KALX Berkeley, KDVS Sacramento, and other fine independent stations. Check it out here

And With Each Step a Wider and Deeper Dream , 2016 (VL, CD, DL)

And With Each Step a Wider and Deeper Dream, 2016 (VL, CD, DL)