Live Patches

Repatch! by BendingBus

Live Patch #004. A sizzling "repatch" of last month's patch. Uses a MacBeth MK-1 Oscillator 'B' into a Moog Clusterflux stereo chorus for the main arpeggio at 0:07, then another MacBeth osc for the glide-lead at 0:23 (with some stereo spring reverb and a Moog delay). Messed around with the MOTM-730 to trigger the "lead", and at 1:54 switched the whole piece to double time. Also some bandpass filter tweaking of white noise throughout, using a MacBeth Filter 'B'. Drums are CR-78 sounds.

Enjoy, full-res audio downloadable here.

Modular Pop with CR-78 by BendingBus

Live Patch #003. Had this idea patched up for around a month, and worked on it on and off, before finally hitting record. Yes, you can synth-pop on a modular! Now to the technical talk...

The basics of the patch use a MOTM-730 Pulse Divider to ping the modules rhythmically (the left/right tones, and the center melody which plays triplets). These pings are slaved to the rhythm sequencer's clock, which is loaded up with some CR-78 samples (sampled by super-producer Dom Morley). I ended up using a digital sine (programmed in the sequencer) for the bass, normally I don't use digi, but it's good for a clean (no harmonics) sine.

The in-your-face filtering @ 0:10 is a MOTM-410 into a Moog Cluster Flux chorus for some stereo width, then into an API 550EQ + 2500 compressor for midrange glory. The melody @ 0:36 is a MacBeth MK-1 voice, featuring some stereo spring reverb compressed thru an LA2A for a nice ambiance. Around half way thru @ 2:23 I turn on a sizzly MacBeth pulse wave riff which is playing an arpeggio from the MOTM-650, compressed thru an 1176 for bite. Near the end @ 4:30 you can hear the background texture more clearly which is an arpeggio thru a Moog stereo 12-stage phaser in a bath of Harmonizer echoes.

You can also download the full resolution studio master.

Bass Drone by BendingBus

Live Patch #001. First in a series of filmed live modular performances; a hypnotic bass drone with some Moog delay textures, hi-hat-like white noise, and random arpeggiation as a "solo". 

For each in this series I will come up with a modular patch, an arrangement of knob tweaks within that patch, and record it live to 8-track while filming.