Full resolution studio masters...


PATCH-004 Modular Pop, Repatch (2017). Lots of sizzling MacBeth sounds and MOTM-730 Pulse Divider tweaking.

PATCH-003 Modular Pop w/ CR-78 (2017). MOTM-410 Filter with stereo Moog chorus, MOTM-730 Pulse Divider pinging L/R modules, MacBeth solo with spring reverb, CR-78 samples in Maschine, Reaktor sine bass.

PATCH-002 Harmonic Drone (2014). Harmonious soundscape in just intonation. Sampled into an old MPC3000 for the melody.

PATCH-001 Bass Drone (2014). Hypnotic bass drone with Moog delay textures, hi-hat-like noise, and random arpeggiation "solo".

Live patch videos are on Vimeo here.


Coming soon, going to demo some MOTM and MacBeth modules, and shoot some pure intonation tuning videos...