HFY001VL Cover.jpg

And with Each Step a Wider and Deeper Dream

by BendingBus

The “And With Each Step a Wider and Deeper Dream” single is an exploration into using the modular synthesizer in a consonant musical way, rather than bleeping and blooping. Delicate interlocking monophonic lines collide in moments of deep harmony, over a 1970s rhythm machine backdrop. 

"It’s more like an electronic lullaby than anything else, like Solvent putting his kids to bed." ―WCBN The Answer Is In The Beat


RELEASED: November 2016, Hi-Fi Yeah! Records, CD and 7" Vinyl

A. And With Each Step a Wider and Deeper Dream, 4:45  
B. Wider and Deeper Dream (Remix), 4:15

Recorded in Seoul 2016
Modular Synth, Recording and Mixing: Solar Marquardt
Additional Production: Dom Morley
Mastering: Tony Cousins
Vinyl Master: Chris Bellman
Cover Design: James Forrest
Photo Processing: Marcus Fischer
ⓟ Solar Marquardt (BMI)
Ⓒ Hi-Fi Yeah!

INSTRUMENTS USED: MacBeth MK-1 modular, MOTM modular, Moog FX, Lowrey Magic Genie rhythm machine.

THANKS: Ken MacBeth, Paul T Schreiber, Robert Rich, Ross Lamond, Greg Gualtieri, Rob Tyler, Moksha Marquardt, Jessie.